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puppy blog backgroundBlog
April 14, 2022

Spectrum Insider Vol 1: Pets, Podcast, NPS Score and More.

We're excited to release the first issue of the Spectrum Insider! Designed to give you a monthly insight into the business and people behind the…
VR work from home workerBlog
April 7, 2022

5 ways the Metaverse will change the way you work.

If you don't know already, we have started a podcast! In the Podcast, we unpack all the latest cutting edge office tech, hardware and software…
Printers are like toilets newBlog
February 7, 2022

Printers are like toilets…

A wise woman once said to me “Printers are like toilets…no one is ever bothered about them until it breaks” The smile it brought to…
Robots coming background v2Blog
January 31, 2022

Quick…the robots are coming!

…or are they? The truth is that the ‘robots’, as a byword for automation, have been coming for decades, centuries and millennia. Centuries ago, agriculture…
Six Factors that changed the world of finance automation in 2020White Papers
November 2, 2021

6 Factors That Changed The World of Finance Automation in 2020

Everything is changing During 2020 Spectrum were fortunate enough to spend a significant amount of time listening to and advising a number of senior finance…
‘Are you automation ready? – The Top 5 things you can do to prepare for finance automation today!’White Papers
November 2, 2021

The Top 5 things you can do to prepare for finance automation today

Time and time again we have seen finance teams’ time and effort being taken up with clunky manual processes. Copying and pasting data between spreadsheets?…
Tomorrow's Workplace, Today Episode 2Videos
November 17, 2021

Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today Episode 2

Episode 2 of Tomorrow's Workplace, Today Podcast Tomorrow's Workplace, TodayJon, Steve and Neil discuss the path to automation, the importance of incremental gains, security of…
The Web’s Most Searched Questions on Finance AutomationVideos
November 2, 2021

The Web’s Most Searched Questions on Finance Automation

The Web's Most Searched Questions on Finance Automation Can finance automation...Our Digital Automation Consultant Neil is here to answer the Web's most searched questions about…
Tomorrow's Workplace, Today Episode 1Videos
November 2, 2021

Tomorrow’s Workplace, Today Episode 1

Welcome to our first video podcast! Tomorrow's Workplace, TodaySteve, Jon, and Neil sit down to discuss how automation is revolutionising the modern workplace. In this…