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For modern organisations the availability of data and the insight it can provide is critical to the day to day and strategic decision making of a business.

Without that data and insight, key performance indicators can be difficult to identify and track whilst core processes such as operational planning and forecasting can be difficult or impossible to do resulting in any number of issues and lost opportunities.

Spectrum Digital’s business intelligence solutions are the answer. We work with you to understand the key questions you need answering and then work out what data you need to make better, more informed, decisions. We then visualise this data through intuitive, intelligent dashboards that are available any time, any place.

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Spectrum Digital’s Insight and Reporting solution utilises the market leading data analytics tool Qlik.

Qlik pulls together data from multiple sources and then allows users to visualise that data through one of many predefined and configurable dashboards and smart visualisations.

Artificial intelligence is used to identify and surface in-context insights to allow users to draw conclusions from the data quickly. The tool can be used effectively by a small number of critical users or can be rolled out across the organisation without compromising on performance or security.

What makes us different? Well, we don’t just give you a generic off-the-shelf system that bears no resemblance to your specific requirements. Instead, one of our Business Process Consultants will use their decades of experience in lean and six sigma to work with you to understand and, if needed, define your process. We will then configure the solution to meet your specific requirements, providing a tailored solution for your business.

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Spectrum have always conducted business with such a professional approach, from our initial meetings throughout development, training and support. It is reassuring we have such a great partner and we look forward to working closely with teams in the future.

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