Sales Order Processing

The manual processing of purchase orders can be a time-consuming job and one that often results in errors.

We have a solution for that. Spectrum Digital’s technology can be used to automate the processing of purchase orders leaving your people to focus only on the exceptions. That saves you time, improves accuracy and ultimately gets orders into your organisation quicker.

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Sales Order Processing

An essential solution for your organisation

For businesses receiving a high volume of sales orders, Spectrum Digital’s Sales Order Processing solution can provide a huge saving in time and resource as well as improved data accuracy. The solution facilitates the capture of key information from incoming purchase orders. This information is then verified against known master data such as customer name and address, product code, etc. If a suitable match is identified, then the order can be automatically exported into the finance system or sent via a digital workflow for additional information and verification.

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What makes us different?

Well, we don’t just give you a generic off-the-shelf system that bears no resemblance to your specific requirements. Instead, one of our Business Process Consultants will use their decades of experience in lean and six sigma to work with you to understand and, if needed, define your process. We will then configure the solution to meet your specific requirements, providing a tailored solution for your business.

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As experts in automation we operate across multiple industries and organisational departments within an organisation. Browse the Spectrum Digital offering by the departments we work with and the industries we serve.

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