Robotic Process Automation

With almost 40 years' experience in helping businesses manage and improve their business processes.

Using market-leading software technology, we build, deploy and manage software robots that automate mundane and repetitive tasks which frees up your team to focus on more value-added activities.

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A tailored solution for your business

If you have people (or teams) carrying out rule-based, repetitive tasks on a regular basis, there is a good chance that you can automate that process using RPA.

RPA scenarios can be varied and are often unique to certain businesses or industries. The technology is quick to implement and does not normally require complex deep system integrations. 

Where could RPA be used within your organisation? The answer is likely to be in lots of places! The trick is identifying which area will give you the best and quickest return on your investment.

That’s where our Automation Consultants come in. They will be able to work with you to audit your processes and identify the biggest area of opportunity. Once that is identified our Business Process Consultants will work with you to define your specific requirements. We will then configure the solution to meet your specific requirements, providing a tailored solution for your business.

Innovative solutions for you

Spectrum Digital’s RPA solution helps to automate the repetitive mundane processes within your organisation which frees up people to focus their time and effort on areas they can add the most value to. The technology can be used in many different areas of an organisation from the automation of payroll processing through to automating the replication of data across multiple systems such as CRM and ERP.

“Working with Spectrum has been a pleasure and we have seen significant benefits across our business.”

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“When we went through the scoping exercise, we learned so much about how our business operates and how it can be improved.”

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